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Alexcarlson3 9 days ago

Gourmet Pretzel

We probably come here once a month for a beer and a pretzel and it's our favorite place in the city to sip a brew in the sun with delicious food. The best dippings for the pretzel are the lemon basil solo and the mustard relish!

Monicaarnaout 20 days ago


This is literally the BEST veggie burger in all of LA. I find it very hard to find a veggie burger that genuinely tastes good and still keeps me full but stout burger knocked it out of the park. Look no further and buy it now, you won't regret.

Jessicasneeden 23 days ago

Stout Burger

Holy delicious cow! Got this on Postmates, you can choose how well done, the menu easily lets you take off things you don't like (bleu cheese), the creamy horseradish Is yummy! If you have a legitimate "I just neeeeed a burger" craving, this is your big fat tasty burger!

Melyonzon 26 days ago

Blue Cheese

Loved our burgers we had at Stout! It was delicious! We also had several "taste" size beers to pair with the meal- yum! Our favorite was Cali Creamin'. We love going to the Hollywood location because of their happy hour deal too!

Cagcmoreno about 1 month ago

Fig Jam

It is amazing burger and place!

Mykeluvsya about 1 month ago

Truffle Aioli

Definitely my favorite burger when I come to visit Stout! Always such a great place to hang out with friends and have wonderful food and drinks. If this one doesn't seem like your taste, you cannot go wrong with any other choice on their menu! It's all deliciously amazing :)

Ariacat about 1 month ago

Six Weeker

All burgers on the menu are excellent. Among them, Six Weeker has an amazing flavor profile with a juicy patty, salt Brie and sweet jammy caramelized onions, fig jams, and bitter Arugula to cut the richness. It is a perfect burger.

Kkauffman09 about 1 month ago


Amazing every time! I havent been in LA in months but i was talking to my friend about burgers and i mentioned how my favorite in the world is the Goombah from Stout!! I showed him the whole menu and hes literally gonna try to recreate the Goombah tonight!

Akrell00 about 1 month ago


Absolute best burger in la. Just a whole new level

Aidanmahearn about 1 month ago

The Cheese Burger

Easily the best burger I've ever eaten. It was perfectly cooked, juicy and tender, a perfect blend of sweet, salty, and savory, and the bun tied the whole thing together. I can still taste it right now.

Agazaryan281 about 2 months ago


Stout is a weekly visit for my boyfriend and I. We always have the same order- Shu burger with sweet potato fries. Hands down best burgers we ever ate. Always so juicy and fresh! We can't wait for Stout to open back up for dine in.

Robert about 2 months ago

Mr. America

Stout burgers are the best in LA. The Mr America is my fav. A traditional burger done excellently!

Stephcorrigan about 2 months ago


Incredible!!!! I've never been a veggie burger personality but absolutely obsessed with this burger. Get the tots - you won't be disappointed. :)

Ismellbrains about 2 months ago


This is my absolute favorite burger, you might say that it's a Shu- in (haha) This with a side of Cheese fries and i'm solid!

Genejames4 about 2 months ago

Six Weeker

My go to burger at the Studio City location has always been the Six Weeker....a blend of sweet and savory on top of a perfectly cooked burger. Accompanied by an order of great onion rings and a current tap recommendation from the beermeister on duty, one cannot find a more complete meal to finish off the day. Bravo.

Morganmatthews7 about 2 months ago

Chipotle Ketchup

I was introduced to Stout last year and I have been hooked every since. My favorite location is in Studio City. I am vegetarian and love all of the options Stout has. You can basically order almost anything on the menu and they will do what they can to cater to your dietary needs. Along with their burgers I LOVE the sweet potato fries. By far my favorite in LA and I have tried them at a lot of different places in LA. The staff is always so friendly and nice. You really feel at home here and that's rare to find. I highly recommend this place. Check it out! You won't be disappointed.

Dave about 2 months ago

Stout Burger

Great food always at Stout in Brentwood, Tn & service is fantastic!

Ammeykohen about 2 months ago

Gourmet Bread Pudding

This bread pudding was so delicious! It was made to perfection. Perfectly sweet and warm, with ice cream! You won't regret ordering this, and there's plenty to share!

Melimel0225 about 2 months ago


Shu burger every time we go!! Loaded tots!! Get the bread pudding!! Love this place YUM.

Alannat321 about 2 months ago

Gourmet Bread Pudding

All these reviews and no one mentions the bread pudding??!!! This is the best bread pudding I have ever had. It's crispy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside with chocolate and butterscotch chips throughout 🤤. Plus 2 huge scoops of vanilla that last as you eat your way though it. The main you need to know about this is to order as soon as your food arrives, so by the time you're done eating, dessert is ready!! I order this everytime I go to stout. I have ordered this when I'm in the vicinity of stout and want dessert because I haven't tasted anything that come close to it.

Sybil 20 days ago

Arugula Salad

Caleb made our experience enjoyable! Also, the salads and petit Syrah wine were fantastic!

Lea 23 days ago


The absolute best burger! Mixed in with a side of loaded fries... best combination ever

Jennifer 25 days ago


I used to live walking distance to the Santa Monica STOUT and it was my go-to for happy hours or catching up with a friend. Small space just the way I like it with thoughtful design! You get ocean views when sitting on the patio but even indoors you're a part of the outside world with its open-ness.The bar always has friendly service and I love that the bartenders encourage tasting new beers. I'm a micro-brewery fan and LA doesn't have much of this culture, so Stout does feed my soul. Food-wise, I'm thankful I can swap out any burger with a plant-based patty (the Beyond meat is my favorite.) The sweet potato fries are addicting. Heads up if you're vegan or eating plant-based, you need to ask for a wheat bun. Although it's more dry (the only complaint,) at least it's dairy-free.

Smarthvader 30 days ago

Six Weeker

My wife and I have been going to this location since we moved here 5 years ago. The studio city spot is our go to place to get dinner. We love it. And we miss you guys. Just wanted to let you know. - Steve, Patri and Louie (our dog)

Honeykrest about 1 month ago

Truffle Shuffle

The most delicious burger. Cooked just right and rich in flavor.

Jon about 1 month ago

Stout Burger

I've been dining at Stout since it opened, and I've always loved it. There was a point where I was there 3 times in 24hrs(easy since they're open until 4am,or used to be). There are too many items I love to pick favorites, depends on my mood.

Lexibramer about 1 month ago

Gourmet Bread Pudding

The best bread pudding I have had in my life. Beats any homemade southern bread pudding I've ever eaten. Worth every calorie.

Luisinaq about 1 month ago

Six Weeker

I've been to Stout over a dozen times and I almost always get the Six Weeker burger. The combination of the meat with the Brie cheese, arugula, and that aaamaaaazinng fig's my favorite!

Allyh1220 about 1 month ago

Stout Burger

This. Burger. Guys. It's so good. Do not skip on the horseradish aioli. If you're nervous, ask for light aioli. But it makes it! My mouth just filled with saliva writing this. Don't forget the fries.

Helen about 2 months ago

Truffle Aioli

I adore this place. Have tried nearly all the burgers on the menu and hard to select the best... maybe Truffle Aioli but Morning After is truly delicious. Every visit the service and food quality are consistent and without fault. That's a rare comment for any food establishment. During the lock-down this has been the one restaurant we have missed. We promised ourselves this will be our first meal out when restaurant re-open. The sweet potato fries and onion rings make the burgers really sing. Without a doubt the best burgers I have ever eaten.

Onaga007 about 2 months ago

Stout Burger

Because of the Corona virus restaurant closure, it's been about two and a half months since I and my wife had a Stout burger. I guess we forget to appreciate simple things like this in a normal life. Today we finaly ordered one and all I can say, it was like having an orgasm. I recommend it to anyone. Thank you Jose for taking my order! Sergio

Jefftheman45 about 2 months ago

Stout Burger

This has got to be the best burger in LA. Easily worth the money and with an amazing taplist to pair with it.

Daniel about 2 months ago


I've been in love with this restaurant since it opened up. It's just not the amazing product they continue to put out but the amazing atmosphere and wonderful staff. I miss sitting down and enjoying a beer...or 4 and can't wait until I can enjoy my Goombah burger and hang with the fine folks the work and frequent Stout.

Wolandeg about 2 months ago

Stout Burger

When I meet my friends at the Studio City location, I always begin with a perfectly chilled and poured wheat ale, followed by either the top notch Stout Burger or the Truffle Shuffle (Brie and Sauteed Mushrooms!) . Either one will satisfy your inner carnivore. A side of Sweet Potato Fries are a great compliment (Hand Battered Onion Rings are a close second). And if that's not enough, the Gourmet Bread Pudding for dessert will take your satisfaction to the next level. Cheers, Team Stout. Keep up the great work.

Ricerafael1 about 2 months ago

Stout Burger

My favorite burger place in all of LA!! I come here every weekend to enjoy a stout burger with onion rings on the side! It's nothing less than heaven in my mouth Everytime!!

Felesha about 2 months ago


I've been coming to the SaMo and Hollywood locations for several years now, and I order the same thing every time. I am obsessed with the Goombah burger! It's my favorite burger in LA by far.

Lawliet about 2 months ago


Delicious burger with the loaded tater tots

Ian about 2 months ago

Stout Burger

I've tried almost every one of LA's so-called best burgers. This is my #1. It was love at first bite, no really I said out loud "this is the best burger I've ever had." It's unique yet classic, complex yet balanced, and juicy yet neat. It checks all boxes of quality, and it's a privilege every time I have the honor of eating it.

Mouna about 2 months ago


My family and I eat here once a month because we love the food here. Great burgers, salads, desserts and beer selection.

Dave about 2 months ago

The Low and Slow

Great value, great food all the way around!


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